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Are You Looking For The Right Ironing Product For Your Laundry?

If you have ever slipped between clean, crisp sheets in a hotel room after a tiring day exploring a tourist hot spot, or put on a fresh uniform to start your shift in a top-class restaurant, you will appreciate the finish that a commercial laundry can give linen. The final touch in getting this finish is the commercial ironer, and the best finish comes from the best equipment.

Get the Right Equipment for the Task

Businesses send a wide range of items out for cleaning and ironing by a commercial laundry, and the old saying about getting the right tool for the job applies just as much to this industry as it does in the trades. Ironers now come with single or multiple rollers, in different diameters and with different accessories, so selecting the right one for your laundry is an important decision.

At NLE Commercial, we supply and service a comprehensive range of quality commercial ironers. The equipment we supply comes with a seven-year warranty on the ironer chest. We also back this up with a team of fully qualified technicians who are available 24/7 to attend to any breakdown.

Popular with Owners of Small Laundries

One of our machines that is popular with owners of small laundries is the Compact 600 ironing system. Not only is this machine a superb ironer, but it’s four other functions, that is, feeder, dryer, folder and stacker, make it a very versatile piece of equipment to fit into a small space. Two of these are optional, giving the small business even more opportunity to get a machine that suits its clientele.

Productivity Opportunities in Wall Ironers

One of the major features of our wall-ironers is the opportunity they offer for productivity improvements in a busy laundry. This is possible because the input and output are both at the front of the machine, so only one operator is required to iron the linen. Wall-ironers are available in different lengths and roller diameters, with other features such as automatic folding, regardless of length, as well as safety features that protect the operator.

Exciting Innovation

The PSN-80 series of ironers is an innovative one that leaves a flawless result. This is achieved by using a rigid tray rather than a flexible one. The rigid tray does not distort under heat pressure, leaving no marks on the linen. These ironers are available in gas, electric and thermal fluid; also, heating versions have automatic speed adjustment and are perfect for clients with large loads such as cruise ships, hospitals, hotels and industrial laundries.

Our technical people keep their skills updated so they can work on these new machines with confidence and this in turn gives our clients much confidence in the service we provide them.