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Want To Be A Registered Cable Installer?

The roll-out of the NBN (National Broadband Network) in Australia is just one of many projects that have seen increased demand in recent years for technicians skilled in the installation of data and communication equipment. Companies involved in this industry have sought these skills through immigration, by providing upskilling opportunities to existing staff and by […]

What Do You Know About Laundry Equipment?

If you have never worked in or even visited a commercial laundry, and your perception of how they operate is limited to short scenes from movies or TV, you are not alone in having little understanding of this demanding environment. Few of us do, so it is not surprising that we also don’t know much […]

Trying To Choose New Laundry Equipment? Check This Out.

Operators of commercial and industrial laundries rely heavily on the efficiency and reliability of their equipment to keep up with their competitors and continue providing a vital service to their customers. They cannot afford frequent breakdowns, laundry loads going through a complete washing cycle and coming out still soiled, or dryers that use too much […]

Pioneers In Laundry Equipment

To run a commercial laundry operation successfully requires competent staff, sound management and most important of all, reliable equipment that produces a quality result and operates with minimal breakdowns. While there are many different brands of laundry equipment available, there are some that produce results far superior to their competitors. One of these is Braun, […]

Top Quality Laundry Equipment Always In Demand

Large commercial and industrial laundries have high volumes of products going through their machines, often on a twenty-four hour a day cycle. The demand for a continuous supply of clean laundry by hotels, hospitals, care facilities and similar clientele can only be met by laundries with machinery of the highest quality. A Highly Regarded Laundry […]

What Is The Best Cleaning Option For Your Laundry Floors?

Do you operate a commercial laundry that provides access to laundry equipment for public use? Perhaps you are responsible for the cleanliness of a large industrial laundry complex and the safety of the staff. If so, you will have faced the housekeeping issues that are inevitable when there is a high traffic of people, and […]