Being Energy Efficient Makes Financial Sense

Are you setting up a brand new commercial kitchen and in need of an energy-efficient dishwasher, or are you replacing an old model that has seen better days and that is now costing too much to run? Modern commercial dishwashers have an array of features, and choosing the right one for your purpose is the key to getting the best value and efficiency for your money.

Money Spent Upfront Brings Long-term Dividends

The first consideration is the cost and although some brands may be on offer at a low price, this is never a good way to buy equipment that your business depends on for survival. Select the best machine you can afford, as money spent on a superior product up front will bring dividends in terms of increased productivity and reduced running costs.

Measure for Machine Size and Location

Look at the capacity of the kitchen and calculate the number of dishes needed per hour, remembering to include peak season capacity and projected future business growth. Also measure the space where the machine will be located to ensure it fits, and assess the ease of access for staff members who will be packing and unpacking it.

Look for the Energy Star Certification

The Energy Star Certification is a trusted way to choose appliances based on their energy efficiency. Look for that certification label as machines that earn it are 40% more energy efficient and, for a bonus, use 40% less water. Many machines also have additional features that improve energy efficiency.

Will Relocating Improve Work Flow?

A commercial kitchen is a very busy place with staff members moving around doing various tasks. Any opportunity to improve the work flow will contribute to efficiency, so, in an existing kitchen, buying a commercial dishwasher could be the catalyst for relocating it to a more suitable area. Be sure to check the proximity to customers, however, as most machines are loud. The noise levels should also be checked for the protection of staff.

What about the Ventilation?

In a humid area like a commercial kitchen, proper ventilation is vital for the safety and comfort of staff. High humidity will also reduce the effectiveness of the drying cycle so it is important that all methods of extracting this humidity are working.

Let Us answer all Your Questions

Finally, contact a reputable supplier such as NLE Commercial if you are having difficulty making a choice. We can answer all your questions, and we back up our products with trained technicians who will respond quickly in the unlikely event of a breakdown. Their service vehicles are fully stocked with spare parts, so we will have your equipment up and running in no time.