Bringing The Best in Cleaning Equipment

When it comes to cleaning equipment, NLE Commercial provides only the best that the industry offers. The company supplies commercial and industrial washing machines, commercial dishwashers, commercial vacuum cleaners and trolleys. Brands carried in the company(s range of products are guaranteed to be the best in the industry. They include, Girbau, Braun, Kerrick, ADC and Forenta.

Laundry Equipment

NLE Commercial(s range of laundry washing machines are proven to be the best when it comes to laundry equipment for commercial and industrial use. They include front load and top load, coin-operated and non-coin operated washers. The washers range from 25 lb to 410 lb capacity washers. The company also carries continuous batch washers for big bulk washing as well as matching dryers and ironers. Brands carried by the company include Girbau, ADC and Forenta. For more efficient commercial and industrial washing, there are also laundry trolleys that users can choose from.

Meiko Dishwashers

The company supplies reliable commercial dishwashers, perfect for restaurants and other businesses that involve large-scale dishwashing work. Its Meiko commercial dishwashers are the best in the industry and are designed and built using advanced technology to ease the dishwashing work in the kitchen. This way, kitchen workers get to focus more on cooking rather than dishwashing.

Meiko dishwashers provide efficient cleaning with their side-drive system so that there are no obstructions when dishes are put into the rack ready for washing. With easy-to-operate controls, dishwashing becomes automatic with a touch of a button.


The company also offers reliable and highly efficient vacuum cleaners for commercial and industrial use. The company carries Kerrick commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners, known to be the best when it comes to heavy duty cleaning work. The Kerrick brand is famous in Queensland and the rest of Australia for its durable and powerful vacuum cleaners used by many professional cleaning services, janitorial services, hotels, hospitals, food preparation facilities and other businesses that require tough cleaning jobs done in a cost-efficient manner.

The company(s range of vacuum cleaners includes dry pickup as well as wet and dry pickup modes. There are also models with Hepa filters suited for the more demanding cleaning jobs. Kerrick vacuum cleaners are the ideal cleaning equipment for carpet cleaning and car detailing services.

For the best in cleaning equipment for the business, nothing beats quality cleaning machines at the NLE Commercial store. These cleaning machines are available to order online. Customers may also call for a no-obligation demonstration of the cleaning equipment.