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Business Plan, Cash Flow And The Right Equipment – A Great Place To Start

Are you tired of sitting behind a computer for a living? Are you looking for something more challenging where you are in control, making the big decisions and reaping the rewards? Setting up your own laundromat business is a potentially lucrative alternative to working for an employer.

Is a Laundromat a Good Start-up Business?

Of course, you will need some business acumen, enough start-up capital to maintain cash flow until the business is established and most important, the right location, However, with a sound business plan and some financial backing, a laundromat is a very desirable way to enter the world of the self-employed. It is where many of our clients started out and became successful.

Get the Right Equipment for Your Business Model

Apart from suitable premises in the right location, you will also need the right equipment. There are so many different types of laundromat equipment on the market that on first investigation, it might seem too hard to choose. What you need to look at is the type of laundry you want to establish, and then choose the equipment that suits your business model.

Choose the Right Equipment for the Size of the Business

For example, large industrial laundries servicing hotels, hospitals, aged care facilities and similar institutions use equipment that is specifically designed for twenty-four-hour, high capacity and heavy-duty use. A commercial laundromat starting up in a local shopping centre would need a completely different range and capacity of equipment.

Here at NLE Commercial we offer a range of washers and dryers suitable for setting up a new laundromat. We specialise in leading brands such as Girbau, Forenta and ADC washers and dryers, and our coin-operated and non-coin operated top loaders are especially suitable for the local commercial laundromat. We also offer 24-hour backup support including spare parts and the expertise of our trained technicians.

Have Some Backup Support Just in Case

Having this type of support service is just as important as having the right equipment. A laundromat will only make a profit if all the machines are operating most of the time. Break-downs affect cash flow, so knowing that your equipment supplier is also there to get things going again quickly is something as important to consider as their equipment range and their prices.

Could an Ironer be a Point of Difference?

Depending on the size of your premises, you could also consider providing an ironer. In a suburban laundromat, this could be a point of difference from your competitors. Busy people may like completing all their laundry tasks at the laundromat, rather than taking home a basket of ironing.

Remember, do your business plan first and this will help you decide on the size and type of laundry equipment you need. When you are ready, give us a call and we will help you do the rest.