Risk Management Programs Support Business Health

Very few businesses operate without risks and anyone thinking about setting up a new business or buying an existing one should always measure the level of risk against the perceived benefits. Those with the desire to be their own boss will always take those risks, but there is no need to do it blindly. Risk management is almost considered to be a science these days, so there are processes that, when properly followed, can reduce risk.

What are Typical Risks for the Laundry Industry?

Let’s use the laundry business as an example. We must first realise that the risks associated with owning a commercial laundry may be different from those faced by owners of a public laundromat. Commercial laundries are large, industrial-type enterprises with many employees, large and complex machinery and corporate clients such as hotels, hospitals, care facilities and the like.

A Reputation Built on Quality

For these laundries, there are many risks but a couple of obvious ones immediately come to mind. From a commercial point of view, not being able to maintain a high standard of hygiene would be a significant risk. Their reputation would be built on the quality of their work, so any laundry returned to clients that was not scrupulously clean could result in the cancellation of contracts and loss of income.

Managing work health and safety risks needs constant attention as commercial laundries without safety procedures could be dangerous places in which to work. Continuing to operate with outdated and inefficient machines is a major cause of both poor product and dangerous practices, and to continue operating in these conditions is a major risk.

New Laundry Equipment Part of Risk Management

Installing new, modern, quality commercial laundry equipment would immediately reduce those risks to something manageable. At NLE Commercial, we supply and install an industry-leading range of the best quality washers, dryers, ironers and other equipment available.

Public Laundromats Need to be Inviting

Owners of public laundromats face different levels of risk, although many risk components are similar to those of the commercial laundries. Customer service is the key for public laundromats, so keeping the machines and the premises clean and inviting to users is important. Failure to do this will risk customers taking their business elsewhere, resulting in a loss of revenue.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Machines Operating

Making a healthy profit depends on keeping all the machines operating, so just like a commercial laundry, regular maintenance of existing equipment will reduce the risk of expensive breakdowns. Calling on us to replace ageing and inefficient equipment with new machines will reduce to zero the likelihood of these breakdowns.

All business is risky, but with the right attitude to risk management, owners can be confident of operating successful businesses that make healthy profits and survive into the future.

First Impressions Count – a Routine to Keep Your Premises Clean

Have you ever walked into a business premises ready to buy their goods or services, only to be put off by untidy displays, dirty floors or other signs of an environment that is uncared for? No business can afford to have customers leaving with a poor impression. This type of news travels fast and can be very damaging to trade.

An Unkempt Business Drives Customers Away

Imagine, then, that this business is a laundry, and customers are bringing in their dirty washing, expecting to take home baskets of fresh, clean linen and clothing. How confident would they be that their washing is clean and germ-free, if the whole place looks grubby?

If you are the owner of this laundry, you probably delegated cleaning to a staff member and assumed that it was being done to the high standard you expect. When you find out what is really happening, what do you do?

A Regular Cleaning Routine is the Answer

While it is impractical for everything to be cleaned every day, you need to set a regular routine that keeps the premises clean and welcoming for customers. We know this works well because, at NLE Commercial, we supply industrial and commercial laundries with an industry-leading range of washers, dryers and other laundry equipment.

We also offer a 24-hour service by fully trained technicians who spend a lot of their time working in various industrial and commercial laundries. They see first-hand how efficient a regular cleaning routine is in keeping these busy premises clean.

Break Down a Big Job into Small Tasks

Depending on the size of the premises, we recommend that you break the area down section by section. Decide what needs cleaning in each section and how often. For example, areas out of sight like the tops of the windows will not need cleaning as often as the entrance floors.

Establish a Frequency that Suits the Task

Set a daily, weekly and monthly schedule then look at the high-traffic areas first. Floors in these areas, for example, may need mopping every day, while less used areas like store-rooms only need cleaning once a week. Unsightly rubbish should be removed daily, as it is a health and safety hazard.

Set it and Stick to It for a Professional Impression

Machines should be cleaned and maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications, so this must be part of the schedule. Dirty machines will lose customers. Tables in staff or customer areas should be wiped every day, while windows may only need cleaning once a week, or even less, depending on how much dust is in the general environment.

Whether the cleaning is part of staff duties or you engage a cleaning service, set a schedule and stick to it. Your premises will always look professional, even in the busiest times.

Soiled Towels and Linen Need Vigorous Washing for Germ-free Results

Penicillin, the first true antibiotic, was first discovered in 1928, but it was not until World War II that it was produced in commercial quantities. Since then, many different types of antibiotics have been developed and, in Western countries, they are the first line of defence against most types of infections.

Is the ‘Super Bug’ Threat Real?

Now, the over-use of antibiotics has created a situation where they are no longer effective against some infections. Concerns are being expressed in the science and health communities that a ‘super bug’ could emerge for which there would be no defence, putting millions of lives at risk. In the face of such a threat, disease prevention has never been more important.

Commercial Equipment Needed for Bulk Cleaning

We have a role to play in protecting the general population from this threat. Hospitals, aged care facilities, resorts, hotels and the hospitality industry in general use large quantities of potentially infected towels and linen each day. At NLE Commercial, we supply top quality commercial and industrial laundry equipment that is designed to get bulk linen as clean as possible.

Home Laundry Equipment Not Designed for Bulk Loads

Our home laundry equipment is designed for less frequent and smaller loads than commercial machines, and while we can add bleach to each load to kill germs, it does not have the same effect as the washing cycle programmed into commercial washers. This is a longer, more vigorous cycle with higher washing temperatures than our home machines.

High Water Temperatures Most Effective Against Germs

There are three ways that a high water temperature increases washing effectiveness. First, it lowers the surface tension of the water, allowing it to soak more easily into the fibres. Second, these temperatures cause the fibres to separate, releasing dirt. Finally, the bleach, detergent and softeners programmed into commercial washers work more effectively in high temperatures.

Tests have shown that washing laundry in water temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius with detergent and bleach for 25 minutes will kill most bacteria, viruses and bed bugs. It will also kill the dust mites that are a major cause of asthma. None of them can withstand this heat and chemical mix.

Washing Moves Freely in Large Drums

The larger drums in the commercial machines also allow the water to wash around the linen more freely, dislodging all foreign material in the load so you can be confident that a wash done under these conditions is dirt and germ free.

While we are not making any outrageous claims about saving the world, we know that our commercial washers are manufactured to rigorous standards in a range of sizes. We also offer a 24-hour service by our fully trained technicians, so you can be confident that you have backup for any urgent repairs.

How Did We Ever Cope Without Washing Machines?

Have you ever loaded the family laundry into your washer, set the controls and walked away only to return, not to clothes ready to dry, but to a wet, soggy bundle? You contact a repairer who can’t help until tomorrow, but today you need to get the laundry washed and dried.

Hand Washing is Tedious and Labour-Intensive

After washing every single item by hand, rinsing in clean water and wringing the water out of each item by hand, you hang the washing outside. Fortunately, it is a sunny day, but it still takes hours to dry, because hand wringing it not nearly as effective as spin drying. Welcome to the tedious, labour-intensive method of washing before washing machines were invented.

Manufacturing Advances Reduce the Need for Labour

If you have been unlucky enough to be in this situation, you will appreciate the advances in manufacturing that created all the labour-saving devices we use. Whether it is for the home or for use in a commercial laundry, the washing machine is an excellent example of those advances and an essential appliance for a number of reasons.

NLE Commercial supplies and services commercial washers for a range of situations so we are in a perfect position to observe and comment on the advantages they offer our clients. We supply to laundromats, hospitals, hotels, care homes and other places where a constant supply of clean and hygienic linen is essential to smooth operations.

Washing Machines Produce Clean, Germ-Free Results

Without washing machines, supplying large volumes of laundry every day would be expensive, labour intensive and unhygienic. Hand washing may be suitable for some home situations, but only a machine can generate the agitation necessary to produce the cleanliness and germ-free standards required by commercial laundry operations.

Pre-programmed Washing Cycles Set and Forget

Washing machines have a range of different settings to suit every fabric and every situation. They can be programmed for specific wash cycles, and to deliver washing products at various stages, so there is no need for someone to be present until the load is ready for drying. This makes labour available to perform other tasks while the cycle is running.

How Washing Machines make Dryers More Efficient

In a commercial situation, machines are also used for drying each load. Dryers are high users of energy, so they are more cost-effective if they are efficient. Here again, the washing machine assists by spinning most of the moisture out in the final spin cycle. The washing machine creates the efficiency by reducing the drying time.

When we perform our regular machine services, our clients tell us that without the quality washing machines we supply, they could not provide the quality of service that their clients expect of them.

Clean Dishwasher Equals Clean Dishes

The development of dishwashers for both the commercial and domestic markets has provided some obvious benefits in both situations. It has removed the labour component, which for commercial operators is a major cost saving, and for the domestic kitchen, it frees up time the householder can spend doing something else. It has also significantly improved hygiene because the water used in the machines is far hotter than could be used when hand washing.

Just like all things mechanical, however, dishwashers need regular attention so that they run at peak efficiency. For householders, a dishwasher that is not working properly is a minor inconvenience, but for a commercial kitchen it is a major issue that could have a negative impact on business.

Suggested Regular Cleaning Routine for Domestic Dishwashers

NLE Commercial is a supplier and installer of commercial laundry equipment, but we also provide electrical contracting and maintenance services. We have some handy advice for domestic users that, if followed, will keep their dishwashers operating at peak efficiency. Of course, we also recommend that they also consult the manuals that came with their particular appliances.

Clean Filters and Seals Weekly

We recommend weekly, monthly and six monthly routines rather than a hit-and-miss approach to maintenance. Many domestic users only clean their filters when spots begin to appear on the dishes, but running the internal filter under a tap then brushing it over with a plastic brush every week takes only a few minutes and will keep it clean. It also helps if badly soiled dishes and cookware are rinsed first before placing them in the dishwasher.

At the same time, run a damp cloth over the seals and the location where they are placed when the door is closed. This simple task slows down the deterioration of the seals that occurs when dirt becomes trapped between the seal and the machine.

Monthly and Six Monthly Tasks

The monthly routine is a breeze. Simply make sure the rinse aid dispenser is full. That’s all that is required for sparkling, streak-free glassware. Every six months there are two tasks to perform. The first is to run the empty dishwasher through its hottest wash cycle to give it a good clean out and get rid of any unpleasant smells. The second is a little more complicated.

Check the spray arms and also check the manual to make sure it is safe to remove them. If this is recommended by the manufacturer, take them out and use a toothpick or similar implement to clear the water exit holes of any food debris that may be clogging them. When they are running freely, the dishwasher is working at optimum efficiency.

Commercial dishwasher owners who are having problems with their machines should contact us for a solution.

Low Maintenance, High Return Makes Automated Laundries Attractive

Some people are content to work for an employer, preferring the security of a regular income to the responsibilities that come with running their own businesses. They are willing to exchange their time and skills for benefits such as employer funded superannuation, paid holiday and sick leave and, of course, security. They also enjoy interactions with work colleagues that form a significant part of their social networks.

Are you an Entrepreneur in the Making?

However, working for someone else does not suit everyone, and many of us are willing to give up these benefits to start our own businesses. This entrepreneurial streak runs deep and is the reason for the success of many large companies that are now household names. This success, however, can come at a personal cost, especially in the initial stages, when the owner shoulders the burden of every decision.

Automated Businesses Easy to Operate

This is why the so-called “set and forget” businesses have become so attractive. Any enterprise that can be automated is very attractive as it requires minimal attention once it is up and running. The automatic car wash is a typical example, as is the coin-operated laundry. We can attest to the popularity of the latter, because our company, NLE Commercial, supplies the washers and dryers for these businesses.

Think about it for just a few minutes. Naturally, having the capital to pay start-up costs is the first step, but after that, it is simply a matter of finding the right location, having the premises fitted out with a number of washers and dryers, and opening the doors to customers.

There is no large payroll to manage, no employees to be recruited apart from perhaps a cleaner to keep the premises tidy, no contracts to be negotiated and no worries about finding work to keep everyone employed. Once the first laundromat is established and making a healthy profit, most of our clients then go on to establish more of the same.

A Sharp Learning Curve and Help from Supplier

They tell us that setting up the first business is the most difficult, as they are learning everything from the beginning. We do our best to help them, providing as much information as we can about the washers and dryers, and generally providing the high quality after-sales service that we are known for.

Look for the Right Location

They also say that getting the right location is vital. It must be in an area where demand for a laundromat is strong, where there is parking close by and where the leasing terms and costs are reasonable. They choose NLE Commercial because our machines are reliable and down-time is minimal. If you have entrepreneurial desires, automated laundries could just be how you make your fortune.

How Do Clothes Dryers Work?

If you are involved in a business that requires massive clothes washing, it makes sense to equip your facility with commercial or industrial washers and tumble dryers. At NLE Commercial, we offer you top brands Girbau and A.D.C tumble dryers, which are designed for heavy-duty clothes drying. You can choose from any of our line of commercial tumble dryers at NLE Commercial to address all of your clothes drying requirements.

To be able to choose the right clothes dryer for your business, it will help if you understand how these machines work. Knowing the basic parts and mechanism in the equipment will be a huge help in deciding which features you want to see in your drying machine. Getting a good grasp of how the machine works will also help you make drying more efficient.

Tumble Drying and Air Circulation

A dryer is basically made up of a rotating tumbler, where you put the clothes in, the heating system to heat the air inside, the motor and the vent system. The biggest part is the tumbler, which rotates the clothes that are fed into the machine. The size of the tumbler will determine the load capacity of the dryer.

Air is forced inside the rotating tumbler to remove moisture from the clothing items. As cold air is sucked into the machine, it passes through a heating system before it enters the tumbler. The heating system is made up of a wire heating element, which is quite similar to the system used in an oven toaster.

The heated air forms something like a blower that forces the moisture from the fabric to evaporate. The air carrying the vapour from the clothes is then directed out of the drying machine and passes through the vent. This air circulation is a continuous process, with air coming and heated, then vented outside the machine. The process continues depending on the spin time that has been set.

Efficiency of the drying process is influenced by the load. Because the hot air passes through the rotating clothes, moisture is better evaporated if there are more fabric surfaces that get exposed to the passing air. This simply means that you will get better results if you do not overload your commercial dryer.

Mechanical System

Drying machines are generally more mechanical than electronic. In fact, the entire machine is comprises gears, belts, cams and motors to form something like a mechanical system. The time and temperature of the air inside the tumbler can be controlled using the timer knob and the thermostats dial, respectively. The drum rotates using a belt that is connected to the motor.

Bringing The Best in Cleaning Equipment

When it comes to cleaning equipment, NLE Commercial provides only the best that the industry offers. The company supplies commercial and industrial washing machines, commercial dishwashers, commercial vacuum cleaners and trolleys. Brands carried in the company(s range of products are guaranteed to be the best in the industry. They include, Girbau, Braun, Kerrick, ADC and Forenta.

Laundry Equipment

NLE Commercial(s range of laundry washing machines are proven to be the best when it comes to laundry equipment for commercial and industrial use. They include front load and top load, coin-operated and non-coin operated washers. The washers range from 25 lb to 410 lb capacity washers. The company also carries continuous batch washers for big bulk washing as well as matching dryers and ironers. Brands carried by the company include Girbau, ADC and Forenta. For more efficient commercial and industrial washing, there are also laundry trolleys that users can choose from.

Meiko Dishwashers

The company supplies reliable commercial dishwashers, perfect for restaurants and other businesses that involve large-scale dishwashing work. Its Meiko commercial dishwashers are the best in the industry and are designed and built using advanced technology to ease the dishwashing work in the kitchen. This way, kitchen workers get to focus more on cooking rather than dishwashing.

Meiko dishwashers provide efficient cleaning with their side-drive system so that there are no obstructions when dishes are put into the rack ready for washing. With easy-to-operate controls, dishwashing becomes automatic with a touch of a button.


The company also offers reliable and highly efficient vacuum cleaners for commercial and industrial use. The company carries Kerrick commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners, known to be the best when it comes to heavy duty cleaning work. The Kerrick brand is famous in Queensland and the rest of Australia for its durable and powerful vacuum cleaners used by many professional cleaning services, janitorial services, hotels, hospitals, food preparation facilities and other businesses that require tough cleaning jobs done in a cost-efficient manner.

The company(s range of vacuum cleaners includes dry pickup as well as wet and dry pickup modes. There are also models with Hepa filters suited for the more demanding cleaning jobs. Kerrick vacuum cleaners are the ideal cleaning equipment for carpet cleaning and car detailing services.

For the best in cleaning equipment for the business, nothing beats quality cleaning machines at the NLE Commercial store. These cleaning machines are available to order online. Customers may also call for a no-obligation demonstration of the cleaning equipment.

Meiko Dishwashers Built for Reliability

In any restaurant, the dishwasher is one of the more important machines. Clean dishes are needed to provide top service to customers and if there are many customers coming in, the dishwashing machine has to be reliable. The dishwasher needs to be quick, efficient and durable enough to work long hours

NLE Commercial provides Meiko dishwashers, which are designed to meet the needs of a busy restaurant or hotel serving many guests. The company’s range of Meiko commercial includes the EcoStar models, the salad washing machine and the DV models. These effective washers provide special features that are not common to other commercial dishwashers in the market.


Meiko commercial dishwashers are created using innovative engineering and technology. The dishwashing machines are designed to address the requirements of the demanding restaurant and hospitality business. Each machine is built to make life in the kitchen more focused on cooking and less energy is spent on washing dishes.

These commercial dishwashers make use of stainless steel walls and an insulating material to minimise the noise in dishwashing operation. The wash and rinse areas are distinctly separated from each other to ensure that the dishes come out completely clean and sanitised.

Meiko dishwashers are built for high efficiency, thanks to the side-drive system that allows for unobstructed cleaning of every item that is put into the rack. The commercial dishwashers incorporate easy to use controls. With one touch of a button, the machine automatically takes care of the rest.

The EcoStar line of dishwashers provides powerful cleaning capabilities, electronic program selection with touch sensitive controls. These dishwashers can be programmed for self-cleaning after the actual dishwashing work. The hood EcoStar model includes a hood that opens up to the back so that the staff will not be subjected to emission. This product line also includes an indicator for the wash and rinse temperatures.

Meiko’s DV 80.2 and DV 120.2 models offer advanced dishwashing capabilities in a classical design. The models provide smooth and comfortable operation for different types of tableware, cutlery and utensils. They include easy cleaning internal walls, self-cleaning programs, automatic leak control and insulated double walls.

Greener Footprint

Meiko commercial dishwashers provide users with energy efficiency and a significantly greener footprint with low water and chemical requirements. The DV line, for instance, makes use of EWS Technology to ensure lowest water consumption in dishwashing machines.

To find out more about NLE Commercial and its commercial dishwashing machines, visit its website.

The Use of Trolleys in the Business

Businesses always need to look for better processes and technology to improve their system and workflow in the operation. To handle some of the regular tasks around the facility, equipment such as trolleys are a big advantage.

Trolleys can help a great deal in making everyday tasks easier and faster to finish. The use of trolleys facilitates transfer and movement of heavy loads to and from the storage area. They are an important mechanical implement that should be included when laying out of operation strategies.

Promoting Safety

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires employers to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace. Businesses are mandated to evaluate their workflow processes in line with the guidelines set by regulators.

Employees are at risk of injuries if the work involves moving heavy or bulky items around the workplace. This holds true for businesses such as hotels and inns as well as laundromats that use commercial washers. Carrying large or bulky items may cause excessive strain on the back. If the lifting, carrying and movement of the heavy and bulky items need to be done several times a day, it can lead to serious injuries or health problems.

One good way to ensure the safety of the workers is by using equipment such as trolleys. With trolleys, the force that is exerted is significantly minimised as the heavy items are moved by pushing the wheeled equipment. Trolleys eliminate the need for manual handling, so the risks of physical strains leading to injuries are also reduced.

Improved Organisation

Trolleys can help the business be more organised. There are trolleys available that can help businesses lessen clutter and save valuable space in the premises. Businesses, for instance, can make use of personal basket trolleys, which can hold several trolleys for organising various items.

Not only are these trolleys useful in moving items, they can be used in the storage room to organise the items used in everyday operations. Larger trolleys to carry laundry will help a great deal in segregating laundry from different customers.

Businesses can benefit greatly from the use of trolleys. However, to make sure that the equipment will perform best to reduce the incidence of unwanted injuries, the right type of trolleys would have to be selected. There is a need to evaluate the work processes and usual tasks done on a daily basis. With the proper assessment, the right trolley equipment can be obtained to help with everyday tasks.