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Are You Looking For The Right Ironing Product For Your Laundry?

If you have ever slipped between clean, crisp sheets in a hotel room after a tiring day exploring a tourist hot spot, or put on a fresh uniform to start your shift in a top-class restaurant, you will appreciate the finish that a commercial laundry can give linen. The final touch in getting this finish is the commercial ironer, and the best finish comes from the best equipment.

Get the Right Equipment for the Task

Businesses send a wide range of items out for cleaning and ironing by a commercial laundry, and the old saying about getting the right tool for the job applies just as much to this industry as it does in the trades. Ironers now come with single or multiple rollers, in different diameters and with different accessories, so selecting the right one for your laundry is an important decision.

At NLE Commercial, we supply and service a comprehensive range of quality commercial ironers. The equipment we supply comes with a seven-year warranty on the ironer chest. We also back this up with a team of fully qualified technicians who are available 24/7 to attend to any breakdown.

Popular with Owners of Small Laundries

One of our machines that is popular with owners of small laundries is the Compact 600 ironing system. Not only is this machine a superb ironer, but it’s four other functions, that is, feeder, dryer, folder and stacker, make it a very versatile piece of equipment to fit into a small space. Two of these are optional, giving the small business even more opportunity to get a machine that suits its clientele.

Productivity Opportunities in Wall Ironers

One of the major features of our wall-ironers is the opportunity they offer for productivity improvements in a busy laundry. This is possible because the input and output are both at the front of the machine, so only one operator is required to iron the linen. Wall-ironers are available in different lengths and roller diameters, with other features such as automatic folding, regardless of length, as well as safety features that protect the operator.

Exciting Innovation

The PSN-80 series of ironers is an innovative one that leaves a flawless result. This is achieved by using a rigid tray rather than a flexible one. The rigid tray does not distort under heat pressure, leaving no marks on the linen. These ironers are available in gas, electric and thermal fluid; also, heating versions have automatic speed adjustment and are perfect for clients with large loads such as cruise ships, hospitals, hotels and industrial laundries.

Our technical people keep their skills updated so they can work on these new machines with confidence and this in turn gives our clients much confidence in the service we provide them.

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Do You Need Reliable Maintenance For Your Business? Do Your Homework

For owners of businesses reliant on keeping machinery operating, often 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, having a regular maintenance schedule is essential. It is a proven fact that machinery or equipment that is poorly maintained breaks down much more frequently than those that are serviced to manufacturers’ instructions. Frequent breakdowns cause loss of productivity and income and can be a safety hazard in many situations.

Choose an Electrical Maintenance Company using References

When business owners are looking for reliable electrical maintenance services, there are several important things that should be looked at. The most obvious one is the reputation of the companies under consideration. Asking for contact details of their clients and approaching those clients for references is an excellent way of choosing the most reliable company.

Check Qualifications and Professional Certifications

It is also important to check the trade and professional certifications of any electrical maintenance company under consideration. In Queensland, a typical pathway to becoming an electrician is to do a Certificate 3 in Electrotechnology Electrician, followed by obtaining an electrical worker’s licence. It would be expected that a company providing electrical maintenance services would only be employing qualified electricians.

This is something we are particularly strict about here at NLE Commercial. We offer electrical contracting, maintenance and installation services; also, our electrical service team are all members of Master Electricians Australia and Safety Connect.

Licence Renewals Require a Skills Assessment

Electrical work licences are valid for five years. To ensure that the skills of the licence holders are up to date, they must have completed a skills maintenance assessment within two years of renewing or reinstating their licence. This assessment covers legislation, risk management and live work as Part A and electrical testing as Part B.

Benefits of Membership in Master Electricians Australia

Members of Master Electricians Australia have access to a range of benefits including subscriptions to ME Safety Express, their own safety program, entry to networking and events that assist to build skills and knowledge of the electrical industry and access to the Master Electricians’ Accreditation Program.

Familiarity with Australian Standards a Must

Our emergency breakdown service team are fully conversant with the relevant Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760:2010 Test Tagging and Safety Inspection of Electrical Equipment and AS/NZS 3000:2007 Compliance Testing of Electrical Installations. The confidence we have in the skills of our team and the certifications they hold allow us to offer our clients a 12 month guarantee on all work performed.

Would you, as a business owner, risk the safety of your workforce and the viability of your business by not checking the qualifications and certifications of the people doing your electrical maintenance? If you take the cheapest price for a service as important as this, it could lead to false economy.

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What Do You Know About Laundry Equipment?

If you have never worked in or even visited a commercial laundry, and your perception of how they operate is limited to short scenes from movies or TV, you are not alone in having little understanding of this demanding environment. Few of us do, so it is not surprising that we also don’t know much about the type of equipment that modern bulk laundries use to produce a smooth, clean and sanitised product.

From Heat and Hard Work to Automation

Apart from the washers and dryers you would expect to see, other items have transformed the process of bulk washing and drying from one of heat and hard labour to an automated process where most of the work is done by machines. Finishing equipment, for example, is not just an extra-fancy large steam iron but also a complete range of specialised machines, and there are few companies that do these better than Forenta.

At NLE Commercial, we are very familiar with their finishing equipment as they are one of the laundry brands we supply and service. We stock spare parts and our team of qualified technicians are available for preventative maintenance and emergency breakdown twenty-four hours a day.

Still an Industry Leader after 50 Years

Forenta equipment is manufactured in the USA and marketed worldwide with the support of factory sales representatives who fully understand the commercial laundry industry. Their products are designed to be functional with safety and quality as the highest priorities. With 50 years of service to their customers and industry leading warranties, they are still designing and producing new products such as those below.

Forenta Apparel and Linen Press

Designed for finishing pants, napkins, tablecloths and household apparel, this machine has an insulated head cover and nickel-plated head that saves energy by reducing heat loss. The head is opened and closed by using the control bar.

Forenta Contoured Legger Dry Cleaning Press

The press features a new fabricated frame with simple mechanics. It can be used as both a steam and vacuum board for finishing sweaters and for hand ironing. The patented operating controls close with either hand and lock with the other.

Forenta Steam Air Finisher

This machine is designed to complete the cleaning process on jackets, coats, dresses and sweaters. The removable mesh over-bag allows delicates to be finished without being stretched, and there are adjustable timing programs for steam, air and a steam/air combination. Operators love the 360° rotating form, making the finishing of garments with large shoulders a breeze.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Customers Fully Supported

Forenta’s products meet the needs of both the dry cleaning and laundry industries, making them perfect for commercial laundries servicing hotels, cruise ships, hospitals, commercial dry-cleaning businesses and garment manufacturers. We are happy to support their products with our service guarantee to our clients.

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Trying To Choose New Laundry Equipment? Check This Out.

Operators of commercial and industrial laundries rely heavily on the efficiency and reliability of their equipment to keep up with their competitors and continue providing a vital service to their customers. They cannot afford frequent breakdowns, laundry loads going through a complete washing cycle and coming out still soiled, or dryers that use too much power or don’t produce a completely dry load.

Many Competing Brands in the Laundry Equipment Market

There are many brands of laundry equipment all juggling for a market share in a competitive business. They all make claims to be the biggest and best, cost the least to run and all have similar manufacturers’ guarantees. How is a laundry owner supposed to choose new equipment among all the confusing claims?

At NLE Commercial, we supply laundry equipment and provide service and spares for our own and all other brands. We have a 24-hour emergency callout service to assist our customers, so we are in an excellent position to talk about the brands that we know are stand-outs for reliability and quality.

ADC – American Dryer Corporation

ADC is one of those brands. Their laundry products are perfectly engineered, offering improved efficiency and performance. ADC has built an enviable reputation world-wide over fifty years as suppliers of coin-operated and on-premises laundry equipment. This includes large-capacity and quick production industrial dryers.

Energy Efficient, High Performance Machines

Their vended washers and dryers are designed to get customers in and out quickly to maximise revenue for coin-operated laundry owners. ADC machines have faster wash and dry cycles, which means they can handle a larger flow-through of customers than other brands. These energy-efficient, high performance machines offer larger earning potential than older, less advanced machines.

Large Range of Dryer Models to Suit All Purposes

We have installed their on-premises washers and dryers in hospitals, aged care facilities, hotels and other large volume establishments. The reliability of these machines is critical to the 24-hour performance necessary when demand is high, and with a variety of different dryer models available, no client has to settle for something that doesn’t quite suit.

Ergonomically Designed Dryers Reduce Worker Injuries

ADC’s ergonomically designed industrial dryers are designed to tilt forward for easy loading and unloading, reducing the likelihood of occupation overuse injuries to staff. Convenient front panel access to controls makes it easy to operate, while the wide range of standard features includes their patented microprocessor-controlled drying systems, which offers the highest operating efficiency.

Marketed in 90 Countries World-Wide

ADC is an industry-leading manufacturer of laundry equipment, marketing their products in 90 countries, including Australia. This is where we come in as a supplier and we have confidence in the quality and reliability of their products.

Pioneers In Laundry Equipment

To run a commercial laundry operation successfully requires competent staff, sound management and most important of all, reliable equipment that produces a quality result and operates with minimal breakdowns. While there are many different brands of laundry equipment available, there are some that produce results far superior to their competitors.

One of these is Braun, a manufacturer of large-scale, commercial laundry equipment based in the USA. The company was formed in 1946 and it soon became a pioneer in engineering innovations that revolutionised the laundry industry. Braun has passed an external auditing process giving them ISO9001 certification, and this gives their customers confidence in the quality of their products and service.

Their commitment to the continuous improvement of their products has given the industry efficient, cost-effective equipment now used around the world. A few of their most notable achievements are set out here to let our customers know that when we are installing spare parts in their Braun machines, we are also part of the success story.

We are NLE Commercial, a Brisbane-based company specialising in the supply, installation and servicing of commercial laundry equipment. We have a fully trained and equipped emergency breakdown service team of electrical technicians at your service.

Important Fact No. 1

Did you know that Braun was the first manufacturer to design a Pass-Thru machine? This was developed in the 1960s and it allows healthcare laundries to separate clean and dirty areas. This development prevents the spread of deadly infections and acts as a barrier to other airborne pathogens.

Important Fact No. 2

We take the microprocessor controls in our domestic and commercial washing equipment for granted, but we should thank Braun for the convenience we enjoy. In the 1970s, they were the first manufacturer to incorporate this technology into laundry equipment.

Important Fact No. 3

The 1980s was a decade of innovation, with several new technologies being developed by Braun. The first laundry program controlled from a desktop computer, the WASHNET system, which was the first to integrate a full cycle from automatic loading to automatic unloading, and the fully automated batch control system were all Braun inventions.

Important Fact No. 4

The 1990s saw the development of the first control software to run on a Microsoft Windows system, pioneered by Braun.

Important Fact No. 5

Braun had such faith in the future of the laundry industry that it invested heavily in a new manufacturing space creating 155,000 square feet of a modern manufacturing facility.

With a record like this, you can have confidence in the performance of your Braun equipment, but if it breaks down, we will get it operational again.

Due Diligence The Key To A Successful Laundry Business

Being a small business operator is never easy in any economic climate, so finding a business with high demand and low running costs is every entrepreneur’s dream. Businesses such a vending machines and laundromats are popular because they do not need large staff numbers to keep them operating.

Industry Knowledge Helps When Buying a Laundromat

Laundromats in high population areas are particularly desirable. However, like any business enterprise, having sufficient capital to get started and some knowledge of the industry is often the difference between success and failure.

As suppliers of laundry equipment, we have many clients who are successful in the laundry business. NLE Commercial has an industry leading range of washers, dryers and finishing equipment. We also have spare parts for all brands of laundry equipment and our trained technicians provide a 24-hour breakdown service.

First Survival Tip – Location, Location, Location

From our observations, there are a few things that someone coming into this business with little experience should know to reduce the risks involved. First is getting the right location. A highly populated area close to cheap parking is perfect. Most people using a public laundromat will wait for their washing rather than leave it and come back later.

Workable Lease Agreement to Recoup Initial Costs

The lease agreement needs to last long enough to recoup your investment. Many businesses can pick up and move locations if their lease is not working out, but for a laundromat, this would be very expensive and the absolute last resort. Before signing, have the lease checked by a legal professional familiar with this type of business.

Control Water and Power Costs

Keeping water and power costs under control will also be critical to long-term success. If you are buying an existing laundromat, check the water and power bills for the last couple of years. Unusually low costs may indicate that the business is not as lucrative as it seems, while very high costs may offer an opportunity for cost savings to increase profit.

Evaluate Existing Equipment

Evaluate any existing equipment for its age and reliability by recording the make and model numbers of the machines. Check these with an expert who may be able to estimate the expected life span, the probable cost of maintenance and the likelihood that some or all of them will need to be replaced very soon. Having to spend money on new machines will place a heavy burden on capital costs for a new owner.

Just like any other business venture, due diligence is essential to get the most out of your investment. Owning a laundromat can be very lucrative, but only under the right circumstances.

Don’t Let Water and Energy Costs Cripple Your Commercial Laundry

For a commercial laundry operation, water and energy costs are now significant. Once any operating expense becomes a major drain on profitability, there is usually sufficient justification for management to reduce this expense. The good news for the operators of commercial laundries is that there are several things they can do to cut their water and energy costs without a major capital outlay.

Modern Washers Manufactured to be Energy Efficient

The modern washers used in most commercial laundries are designed to be both water and energy efficient. The 5 star energy rating system and the 5 star WELS water rating systems are both excellent indicators of the way in which a washer is using both energy and water. When it comes time to replace older washing machines, buying one with a 4 or 5 star rating will show immediate cost savings when the next energy or water account arrives.

At NLE Commercial, we supply and service quality brands of front load washers to suit all laundries from 25lb front load washers to 410lb pocket washers as well as continuous batch washers for large-scale commercial requirements. Our clients are always on the lookout for ways to reduce costs, so we also offer a 24-hour break down service to minimise expensive down time in the event of a malfunction.

Want to Reduce Water Charges?

Our clients have found that, in the case of saving water, behavioural changes following staff training can produce surprisingly large savings. Checking that staff members are loading machines as per the manufacturer’s instructions, for example, is something simple, but unless it is monitored, incorrect loading can use more water than necessary to produce the same result.

Another simple change is to instruct staff members to operate a washer only when it is fully loaded, provided that suits the needs of the client. Sometimes this may not be possible, but in a busy commercial laundry, the machines are operating most of the time so this could offer further savings. Checking the water level during the cycle and making sure it is the same as the manufacturer’s recommendation is another saving technique.

Ways to Reduce Energy Costs

Much of the energy consumed in commercial laundries is used to heat water. Establishing optimum load sizes for washers to save water will also save energy, as you are also optimising the energy used to heat the water. Also, a regular maintenance schedule requiring components to be replaced before they become a problem will also reduce energy costs.

A Water and Energy Audit Could be the Answer

If these methods don’t deliver the savings your operation is looking for, do a water and energy audit of your entire plant. Fixing any undiscovered maintenance issues should bring consumption into line with budget expectations.

Risk Management Programs Support Business Health

Very few businesses operate without risks and anyone thinking about setting up a new business or buying an existing one should always measure the level of risk against the perceived benefits. Those with the desire to be their own boss will always take those risks, but there is no need to do it blindly. Risk management is almost considered to be a science these days, so there are processes that, when properly followed, can reduce risk.

What are Typical Risks for the Laundry Industry?

Let’s use the laundry business as an example. We must first realise that the risks associated with owning a commercial laundry may be different from those faced by owners of a public laundromat. Commercial laundries are large, industrial-type enterprises with many employees, large and complex machinery and corporate clients such as hotels, hospitals, care facilities and the like.

A Reputation Built on Quality

For these laundries, there are many risks but a couple of obvious ones immediately come to mind. From a commercial point of view, not being able to maintain a high standard of hygiene would be a significant risk. Their reputation would be built on the quality of their work, so any laundry returned to clients that was not scrupulously clean could result in the cancellation of contracts and loss of income.

Managing work health and safety risks needs constant attention as commercial laundries without safety procedures could be dangerous places in which to work. Continuing to operate with outdated and inefficient machines is a major cause of both poor product and dangerous practices, and to continue operating in these conditions is a major risk.

New Laundry Equipment Part of Risk Management

Installing new, modern, quality commercial laundry equipment would immediately reduce those risks to something manageable. At NLE Commercial, we supply and install an industry-leading range of the best quality washers, dryers, ironers and other equipment available.

Public Laundromats Need to be Inviting

Owners of public laundromats face different levels of risk, although many risk components are similar to those of the commercial laundries. Customer service is the key for public laundromats, so keeping the machines and the premises clean and inviting to users is important. Failure to do this will risk customers taking their business elsewhere, resulting in a loss of revenue.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Machines Operating

Making a healthy profit depends on keeping all the machines operating, so just like a commercial laundry, regular maintenance of existing equipment will reduce the risk of expensive breakdowns. Calling on us to replace ageing and inefficient equipment with new machines will reduce to zero the likelihood of these breakdowns.

All business is risky, but with the right attitude to risk management, owners can be confident of operating successful businesses that make healthy profits and survive into the future.

First Impressions Count – a Routine to Keep Your Premises Clean

Have you ever walked into a business premises ready to buy their goods or services, only to be put off by untidy displays, dirty floors or other signs of an environment that is uncared for? No business can afford to have customers leaving with a poor impression. This type of news travels fast and can be very damaging to trade.

An Unkempt Business Drives Customers Away

Imagine, then, that this business is a laundry, and customers are bringing in their dirty washing, expecting to take home baskets of fresh, clean linen and clothing. How confident would they be that their washing is clean and germ-free, if the whole place looks grubby?

If you are the owner of this laundry, you probably delegated cleaning to a staff member and assumed that it was being done to the high standard you expect. When you find out what is really happening, what do you do?

A Regular Cleaning Routine is the Answer

While it is impractical for everything to be cleaned every day, you need to set a regular routine that keeps the premises clean and welcoming for customers. We know this works well because, at NLE Commercial, we supply industrial and commercial laundries with an industry-leading range of washers, dryers and other laundry equipment.

We also offer a 24-hour service by fully trained technicians who spend a lot of their time working in various industrial and commercial laundries. They see first-hand how efficient a regular cleaning routine is in keeping these busy premises clean.

Break Down a Big Job into Small Tasks

Depending on the size of the premises, we recommend that you break the area down section by section. Decide what needs cleaning in each section and how often. For example, areas out of sight like the tops of the windows will not need cleaning as often as the entrance floors.

Establish a Frequency that Suits the Task

Set a daily, weekly and monthly schedule then look at the high-traffic areas first. Floors in these areas, for example, may need mopping every day, while less used areas like store-rooms only need cleaning once a week. Unsightly rubbish should be removed daily, as it is a health and safety hazard.

Set it and Stick to It for a Professional Impression

Machines should be cleaned and maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications, so this must be part of the schedule. Dirty machines will lose customers. Tables in staff or customer areas should be wiped every day, while windows may only need cleaning once a week, or even less, depending on how much dust is in the general environment.

Whether the cleaning is part of staff duties or you engage a cleaning service, set a schedule and stick to it. Your premises will always look professional, even in the busiest times.

Want to Reduce Water Usage Costs? Here Are Some Ideas

If you are running a commercial laundry, you are always on the lookout for ways to save time and money. In this type of business, energy consumption makes up a sizeable portion of the operating budget, but valuable savings can also be made in water consumption. In a country as dry as ours, every drop of water is precious and even though at times we seem to be awash with it, we know that dry times are just around the corner.

Start by Assembling Some Factual Data

Like most cost-savings initiatives, it is best to start with a fact-finding exercise. The old business saying, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” applies just as appropriately to a commercial laundry than any other business. Do you have a process for tracking water consumption or does the water bill just get paid without being analysed and compared with earlier bills? Just because it is near budget does not mean it cannot be reduced.

Locate All the Water Meters

Here at NLE Commercial we supply and maintain a range of water-efficient commercial laundry equipment. Long-term customers have told us that managing water consumption is important to the financial success of their businesses. Their process for analysing water usage starts with locating all the water meters relative to their operations.

Look for Evidence of Hidden Leaks

Once that has been done, we recommend that you start collecting data by reading and recording every meter daily if possible, but at least twice a week. A sudden increase in consumption when laundry volumes remain the same points to a hidden leak, which is literally money going down the drain.

Benchmarking and a Water Savings Plan

Now that you have some reliable data, benchmark your business against others in the industry. This allows you to measure your business performance against others, which will highlight inefficiencies. Your water utility company should have benchmark information about your industry, and some of them offer a water management service to help you establish a water saving plan.

Get Ideas from Employees

Review your work methods and examine issues such as the amount of re-wash you are experiencing. A re-wash is water wasted and it may be reduced by a change in work methods. Involve your employees in the process as they may have some excellent ideas to save time, water and therefore money.

Replace Inefficient Washers

If your equipment is getting old, seriously consider replacing inefficient washers. The water efficiency ratings of commercial washers have continued to improve as new models come onto the market. We can help you with the right equipment for your laundry and the volumes you deal with. This is an important part of water efficiency and one that will recoup its initial outlay many times over.