Change Your Habits And Save Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers are major labour-saving devices, both in the home and in other environments where they are in constant use. In hotels, restaurants, hospitals, care facilities and other industrial and commercial situations, dishwashers free up hundreds of hours of labour that can be used more productively elsewhere. They also wash at temperatures far higher than human hands can stand, killing most germs and leaving dishes and cutlery hygienically clean.

Common Mistakes and Bad Habits

While most people think they know how to keep their dishwashers in top condition, there are a few common mistakes that operators make that can compromise the performance of their machines. Mostly they are just bad habits, and are simple enough to correct once you know what they are.

Commercial and industrial dishwashers also need the same care you would give to your domestic machine. At NLE Commercial, we offer professional services to our clients who rely on us to keep their key equipment operating. Our technicians have seen it all when it comes to mistakes that cause operating problems.

Is the Detergent Cup Closed?

Topping the list is one mistake that is as surprising as it is common. When you start a load without closing the detergent cup, all the detergent goes down the drain and doesn’t touch any of the dirty dishes. Check that this is not the problem before you contact us for a service call.

Is the Detergent Cup Overfilled?

Still on the subject of detergent, if the detergent cup won’t click in securely, most likely it has been overfilled. Some people think that extra detergent means extra-clean dishes, but often, too much detergent leaves a streaky film that needs extra cleaning. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Is the Dishwasher Stacked Correctly?

This is the same advice we give our clients regarding the placement of items. Most machines come with instructions on how to stack the dishwasher for maximum efficiency and cleanliness. Cramming in extra pieces may obstruct the water jets, leaving food particles on items that then need to be hand washed.

Are You in a Hard Water Area?

If you live in a hard water area, this can cause problems with your dishwasher. Not only can it leave spots on the dishes, but it also can build up inside the mechanism, causing problems that lead to repairs. Avoid service calls to us by using a hard water spot remover or similar product regularly.

Only use Detergent Meant for Dishwashers

If you run out of dishwashing detergent, do not use ordinary liquids or powders in your dishwasher. They are not suitable and will froth up, possibly flood your kitchen and your dishes will still be dirty. Rectify these mistakes and you will have no problems with your dishwasher.