Choosing An Industrial Washing Machine

Businesses such as hotels, Laundromats, spas, clothing and hospitals are all faced with the challenge of providing clean linen for their customers and clients every time. To meet this requirement, it is best for these businesses to simply bring the washing in-house. Some of the common priorities when choosing an industrial or commercial machine include the price of the equipment. Price can very well limit the choices, but making it the top priority could give the business an underperforming machine not suited to its needs. Here are just some of the important considerations when aiming for efficient commercial or industrial washing.

Determine the Work Demand

Before narrowing down the choices for the commercial washing machine, it will be good to factually estimate the amount of linen washing that needs to be done daily. The drum size of the industrial machine must be able to meet the requirements of the business. The amount of work will also give the purchaser a good idea of what the operation will demand in terms of cycle length and special features.


Industrial or commercial washers are considerably more expensive that domestic washing machines, so it is important that the quality is checked completely before making the purchase. Settling for a cheaper machine with limited warranty may hurt the business in the long run when the machine ends up in repair after a few years of use.

Top Loaders vs. Front Loaders

Buyers have a choice between front loading machines and top loading machines. Generally, the top loading types require more energy and water. However, they are the best choice if space allocated for washing is quite limited.

Resource Efficiency

Because industrial washers have bigger price tags, it is important to consider their energy and water efficiency when choosing the right machine. If energy efficiency is a priority in the business, then it will be good to look at the special features such as water saving capability.

Expert Assistance

The washing machine supplier will be able to provide the buyer a good idea of what will suit their needs, so it will be wise to lay down the situation and consult with the supplier about the needs of the company. When it comes to efficient commercial washing, NLE Commercial provides only the best. Customers can choose from top brands such as Girbau, ADC and Forenta laundry machines. NLE Commercial machines range from 45lb front loaders to 410lb pocket washers. There are also laundry machines suited for large-scale washing requirements.