Clean Dishwasher Equals Clean Dishes

The development of dishwashers for both the commercial and domestic markets has provided some obvious benefits in both situations. It has removed the labour component, which for commercial operators is a major cost saving, and for the domestic kitchen, it frees up time the householder can spend doing something else. It has also significantly improved hygiene because the water used in the machines is far hotter than could be used when hand washing.

Just like all things mechanical, however, dishwashers need regular attention so that they run at peak efficiency. For householders, a dishwasher that is not working properly is a minor inconvenience, but for a commercial kitchen it is a major issue that could have a negative impact on business.

Suggested Regular Cleaning Routine for Domestic Dishwashers

NLE Commercial is a supplier and installer of commercial laundry equipment, but we also provide electrical contracting and maintenance services. We have some handy advice for domestic users that, if followed, will keep their dishwashers operating at peak efficiency. Of course, we also recommend that they also consult the manuals that came with their particular appliances.

Clean Filters and Seals Weekly

We recommend weekly, monthly and six monthly routines rather than a hit-and-miss approach to maintenance. Many domestic users only clean their filters when spots begin to appear on the dishes, but running the internal filter under a tap then brushing it over with a plastic brush every week takes only a few minutes and will keep it clean. It also helps if badly soiled dishes and cookware are rinsed first before placing them in the dishwasher.

At the same time, run a damp cloth over the seals and the location where they are placed when the door is closed. This simple task slows down the deterioration of the seals that occurs when dirt becomes trapped between the seal and the machine.

Monthly and Six Monthly Tasks

The monthly routine is a breeze. Simply make sure the rinse aid dispenser is full. That’s all that is required for sparkling, streak-free glassware. Every six months there are two tasks to perform. The first is to run the empty dishwasher through its hottest wash cycle to give it a good clean out and get rid of any unpleasant smells. The second is a little more complicated.

Check the spray arms and also check the manual to make sure it is safe to remove them. If this is recommended by the manufacturer, take them out and use a toothpick or similar implement to clear the water exit holes of any food debris that may be clogging them. When they are running freely, the dishwasher is working at optimum efficiency.

Commercial dishwasher owners who are having problems with their machines should contact us for a solution.