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DIY Consumables Create Big Savings For Homes And Businesses

As our knowledge of environmental issues grows and matures, many people are turning their attention to the everyday products we use in our homes and workplaces, to find alternatives to manufactured products. There are still many battles to be fought on the wider environmental horizon, but we each can fight small skirmishes in our daily lives, hence the slogan, “Think Globally – Act Locally”.


Green Dishwashing Detergent Good for Everyone

Just imagine the effect on our waterways if hundreds of thousands of us started using ‘green’ products in our dishwashers, not just at home but in our workplaces. Making our own dishwashing detergent, for example, is not only environmentally responsible but also much cheaper than buying commercially manufactured detergent products.


For Homes and Businesses, DIY Detergent makes Economic Sense

A quick internet search will reveal dozens of websites dedicated to providing ways of making detergents. For someone operating a commercial enterprise like an industrial kitchen, a steady supply of clean dishes means lots of detergents. Every business needs to keep costs under control to remain competitive, and making dishwashing detergent instead of buying it makes commercial sense.

To give you an idea, here is just one simple recipe using borax, washing soda and sea salt. Mix together one cup of borax, one cup of washing soda and one cup of sea salt and store in an airtight container. If you like your detergent to have a pleasant smell, add a few drops of essential oil. Use one tablespoon per load as needed, and add white vinegar as a rinse agent for extra sparkle.


Commercial Operators Check Health and Safety Rules First

If you own or manage a commercial kitchen, you may want to try this at home first, and then experiment with quantities until you have the perfect formula for your particular machines. At NLE Commercial, we know our clients are having it tough with costs rising and eating into their margins. Consumables like detergents are a big part of their cost structure, so any suggestions that may reduce these costs are worth trying out. Just make sure you meet all the health and safety regulations that apply to your business first.


Use the Internet to Get the Perfect Formula

You may find it difficult to get the right balance between the ingredients. Also, consider other factors such as how hard or soft your water is, and the temperature at which you need to run your dishwashers to kill bacteria. Again, there is information on the internet you can access to avoid time-consuming trial and error scenarios before you get it right.

When you have the formula that suits your business, watch your costs reduce and know you are doing something positive for the environment in your neighbourhood.