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Do You Need Reliable Maintenance For Your Business? Do Your Homework

For owners of businesses reliant on keeping machinery operating, often 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, having a regular maintenance schedule is essential. It is a proven fact that machinery or equipment that is poorly maintained breaks down much more frequently than those that are serviced to manufacturers’ instructions. Frequent breakdowns cause loss of productivity and income and can be a safety hazard in many situations.

Choose an Electrical Maintenance Company using References

When business owners are looking for reliable electrical maintenance services, there are several important things that should be looked at. The most obvious one is the reputation of the companies under consideration. Asking for contact details of their clients and approaching those clients for references is an excellent way of choosing the most reliable company.

Check Qualifications and Professional Certifications

It is also important to check the trade and professional certifications of any electrical maintenance company under consideration. In Queensland, a typical pathway to becoming an electrician is to do a Certificate 3 in Electrotechnology Electrician, followed by obtaining an electrical worker’s licence. It would be expected that a company providing electrical maintenance services would only be employing qualified electricians.

This is something we are particularly strict about here at NLE Commercial. We offer electrical contracting, maintenance and installation services; also, our electrical service team are all members of Master Electricians Australia and Safety Connect.

Licence Renewals Require a Skills Assessment

Electrical work licences are valid for five years. To ensure that the skills of the licence holders are up to date, they must have completed a skills maintenance assessment within two years of renewing or reinstating their licence. This assessment covers legislation, risk management and live work as Part A and electrical testing as Part B.

Benefits of Membership in Master Electricians Australia

Members of Master Electricians Australia have access to a range of benefits including subscriptions to ME Safety Express, their own safety program, entry to networking and events that assist to build skills and knowledge of the electrical industry and access to the Master Electricians’ Accreditation Program.

Familiarity with Australian Standards a Must

Our emergency breakdown service team are fully conversant with the relevant Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760:2010 Test Tagging and Safety Inspection of Electrical Equipment and AS/NZS 3000:2007 Compliance Testing of Electrical Installations. The confidence we have in the skills of our team and the certifications they hold allow us to offer our clients a 12 month guarantee on all work performed.

Would you, as a business owner, risk the safety of your workforce and the viability of your business by not checking the qualifications and certifications of the people doing your electrical maintenance? If you take the cheapest price for a service as important as this, it could lead to false economy.