Finding the Right Cleaning Appliance for Commercial Use

Commercial and industry grade cleaning machines typically cost much more than domestic equipment. They are built from high grade materials and are designed to last longer and withstand heavy usage.

NLE Commercial knows what commercial and industrial operations require when it comes to cleaning equipment. The company offers only the best in washing machines, vacuum cleaners and commercial dishwashers. Placing an order is made easy with the company’s online purchase system.

Laundry Equipment

The company sells the top brands in washing machines for commercial or industrial use. Available brands include Girbau, Braun, ADC and Forenta. Customers can choose from top loading coin operated machines, non-coin operated machines and front loading washers. Commercial and industrial washers are ideal for use in hospitals, hotels, spas, Laundromats and other businesses that need numerous fabrics washed on a daily basis. These businesses would do better to have their own equipment instead of hiring a laundry service.

The company’s reliable washers range from 25-pound to 410-pound capabilities. For heavy usage, there are continuous batch washers. The washers come with equally heavy-duty drying machines and ironers.

Vacuum Cleaning Machines

NLE Commercial has a broad range of Kerrick commercial vacuum cleaning machines perfect for commercial and industrial applications. They are built to perform better than domestic vacuum cleaners and to make cleaning more efficient and economical.

The commercial vacuum machines are ideal for hospitals, food preparation facilities, janitorial services, manufacturing and public and private offices. There are options for wet and dry pick up machines and HEPA filters, which are best to use in facilities with tough hygiene standards.

Commercial Dishwashers

For restaurants, the company offers Meiko dishwashers, which are designed for heavy commercial use. Compared with domestic dishwashers, Meiko commercial dishwashers can accommodate a bigger bulk of dishes and utensils. There are various models available to suit the different requirements of hotels and restaurants.

Electrical Service

The company has been specialising in electrical contracting, maintenance and installation since it started operations. They can be trusted when it comes to maintenance and servicing of washing machines, dryers and ironers.

The company has fully trained technicians who have the skills and proper know-how when it comes to inspection and servicing of electrical equipment. Services covered include energy efficiency advice, emergency light and safety switch installation, emergency breakdown service and office and retail tenancy fit-outs. The company’s electrical service unit is a proud member of Master Electricians and Safety Connect.

For more information on cleaning products and electrical services available, visit the company’s website.