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Get The Legal Stuff Sorted Before You Open Your Laundromat

Have you decided to take the leap into business ownership by setting up your first laundromat but need more information about the legal documents you will most likely need to complete and sign? Running a business can be exciting and challenging at the same time, so getting all the legal issues sorted out at the beginning will allow you to concentrate on your laundromat without other issues surfacing at inconvenient times.

Check Lease Agreement Terms Before You Sign

Most first-time business owners start out by leasing their equipment and premises, so the first documents you will sign will be the lease agreement on the premises, and a similar type of leasing arrangement for the laundry equipment. The terms of these leases could make or break your business, so use a legal representative to assist you.

Signage Requires a Local Council Licence

To advertise the location of your laundromat you will need signage, preferably visible from the road, to attract new customers. This is a local authority matter and you will need to apply for a licence from your local council before any signage is erected. Signage is regulated by council to prevent visual clutter and to ensure public safety.

Both Business Name and Company Name Must be Registered

Your business name must be registered on the national Business Names Register. This registration gives you a licence to trade under the business name you have chosen. If you intend to operate as a company, you will also need to register with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Is the Equipment in Your Laundromat Registrable Plant?

Workplace Health and Safety regulations require many items of plant to be registered, and the washers, dryers and other equipment in a typical coin-operated laundry could be considered plant under this legislation. Check this with the state government authorities, and if required, you will need a licence for a worker to use any registrable plant.

Hiring Staff is a Completely Different Ballgame

If you will be hiring staff, there is a whole new set of legal processes you must have in place under the Fair Work Act. This is national legislation to protect the rights of workers at work, and all business owners should make themselves familiar with its requirements. You will need to register as a PAYG Withholder with the Australian Taxation Office, who will also require you to pay superannuation contributions on behalf of your employees.

We Are Ready to Help

With all these legal documents and licences needed before you even open the doors, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. It is good to know then, that here at NLE Commercial we are ready to supply equipment and know-how to help you get started. Our 24-hour service, with spare parts and trained technicians will keep your laundromat operating at full capacity.