Guide to Choosing the Right Commercial Washers

Big businesses that need to do a lot of washing of linens need to obtain reliable commercial washing machines. Purchasing your own washers will be the more cost-effective option compared with hiring a third party service to handle the laundry work.

Commercial washers are ideal for businesses such as hotels, guesthouses and spas, all of which use a lot of linen and towels in their everyday operation. If you are starting a laundry business, you should also be guided well when selecting the right washing machine.

Identify Your Needs

Before you can identify which washer is the best for your business, make a list of the requirements that you have for the washing machine you need. How often will you be using it and what is the load requirement? Choose a washing machine depending on the size of your operation. You need not invest in a high-capacity washing machine if the requirement is not that huge.

Space is another item to take into account. If you can only allot limited space for the washing machine, you should look for compact models that will fit your space. Front loading washers will be ideal if you wish to stack your washers.


The price of the washing machine is one of the top considerations for many businesses that need a washing machine in the facility. Do not be deceived by low prices, however. Check performance history of the brand that you are considering. Usually, low-priced machines are very affordable because of low quality.

You might end up spending much more if you go for a cheaper brand. After using it a few times, the machine may require costly repairs, or worse, new replacement. It is always better to go for a trusted brand. If you want to try a new brand because of the attractive price, do some thorough research first to see what experts have to say about the performance of that machine.

Check Energy Efficiency

Commercial washing machines can consume a lot of electricity and water. Many brands nowadays are competing in terms of energy efficiency. Energy efficiency ratio is usually attached on the machine itself. It will be beneficial for you to choose a machine with the best energy efficiency. That way, you get substantial savings in utility bills. Energy savings will be more effective if you educate your staff on ways to conserve energy when washing linens.