Infection Control in Laundries

Cleanliness and hygiene are very important in every aspect of everyday life to improve and protect the health of people. In laundry, where clothes and linen are being cleaned, there is also the risk of infection spreading to cleaned linen.

Cross contamination is likely to happen in the laundry area unless sufficient care is undertaken in the workplace. There are many factors that affect the spread of infection in the laundry area. The more significant factors include the cleanliness of linen storage space, the personnel working in the laundry area and the equipment used.

Linen Storage

Every laundry area should consider the cleanliness of the place. Soiled clothes come with harmful germs that can spread to other parts of the room and the surrounding areas. It is important to have clean linen storage for the items that have been washed.

It is necessary to make sure that the linen storage areas and the surrounding areas are free from pests. Pests such as fleas and bedbugs may be present in some linen brought to a commercial laundry service. The business needs to implement a strict process that will prevent the spread of germs or bugs from soiled linen.

The linen storage areas should not be exposed to high humidity and the temperature must not be amiable to pest and germ accumulation. To keep the linen storage always spotless, it will help to use materials that are easy to wipe and clean.

Qualified Personnel

A laundry business should only hire well trained workers who have undergone orientation on hygiene in the laundry area. Infection control and cleanliness in the work area must be emphasised to the employees. This can be done by writing up a comprehensive manual covering every process of the job. Comprehensive training can also be done to inject hygienic operations into the culture of the workers.

High Quality Washers

Part of controlling infection and promoting proper hygiene in the laundry business is done with the help of high quality heavy commercial washing. Malfunctioning machines will cause delays in the process and may also lead to accidents.

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