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Is It Time To Replace Your Old Equipment To Save Resources?

If you own a laundromat and you have not yet seriously looked at making your business eco-friendly, you still have time to ride the rising tide as over half the population accepts the reality of climate change, and more importantly, wants collective action. In this new reality, business survival may depend on providing services that support, more than ever, caring for the environment.

Energy and Water – Precious and Costly Resources

Commercial laundries and laundromats are the types of businesses that require constant and intensive use of resources such as energy and water. If we start with water as the first example, we have seen this summer the hottest average temperatures ever recorded, and widespread droughts that will increase the cost of water. As we transition to renewable energy there may also be cost pressures that will affect every business.

New Machines Offer Water and Energy Consumption Improvements

The good news is that there is much you can do as a business owner to reduce these costs and increase your profit margins. Replacing your old, inefficient washers and dryers is a great place to start to take advantage of the water and energy improvements being made by the manufacturers of new machines.

Automatic Adjustment of Water Consumption

For example, Girbau have various models of washing machines that automatically adjust water consumption to suit the load weight, fabric and program selected. This saves water, energy and washing product with every load. The same models have very high spin speeds that extract a higher than usual percentage of water, thus saving energy in the drying process.

New Dryers with New, Energy Efficient Features

This is assisted by new dryers now available with fully insulated cabinets that prevent hot air from escaping during the drying process. This means that the temperature inside the cabinet remains constant, shortening the length of time required to dry a load and thus reducing energy costs. Many models also have self-cleaning lint screens that keep air flowing through the dryer so that moisture-rich air can be easily extracted, again saving on energy through shorter drying cycles.

Our clients at NLE Commercial are always looking for ways to provide value-added services to their customers. We assist them to do this by providing them with the most up-to-date laundry equipment from Girbau and ADC, as well as advice from our trained technicians.

Replace and Save

If we can help our clients run their laundromats more efficiently, they can reduce their costs and publicise their eco-friendly credentials to increase their customer base. If your laundromat is costing more to run than it should, check the efficiency of your machinery. It may just be time to change.