Keeping Commercial Floors Clean

Businesses rely a lot on a customer’s impression of the commercial area. That is why cleanliness is a top priority when running a commercial operation. NLE recognises the need of businesses to keep their surroundings clean at all times to help them stay competitive. NLE, which sells commercial vacuum cleaners and commercial dishwashers, also offers a range of cold and hot water pressure cleaners for effective cleaning of commercial floors.

Commercial floors get the cleaning that they need when treated with effective cleaning solutions and equipment. Much of the challenge in getting a good clean for the floors lies in the removal of hard to remove stains, moulds and mildews that have grown on the surface of the floors. Leaving them in their dirty state could cause untoward accidents for both the business personnel as well as the customers.

Finding the Right Equipment

The key to keeping commercial floors completely clean is in finding the appropriate cleaning implement for the task. Because this is a commercial floor that is exposed to a lot of human traffic during the day, or at night time in some instances, an equally hard working machine is required.

NLE’s range of high pressure cleaners is ideal to consider when purchasing suitable machines for cleaning floors used for commercial operations. Pressure washers or cleaners are designed to clean faster with minimal effort. These machines are able to clean anything from driveways, to decks, to garage floors and kitchen floors. Using a powerful water blaster, pressure washers can provide a power that is up to 75 times more than that delivered by an ordinary hose.

The company’s pressure cleaners are able to blast away mould and mildew build-up on commercial floors. Any dirt or grime that is stubbornly attached on the floors can be efficiently eliminated using either a cold water or a hot water pressure cleaner. After a few minutes of power blasting, the floors will start to look brand new.

NLE offers various brands of cold and hot water pressure cleaners, each delivering a different psi or water pressure, gallons per minute, and power, as may be needed for specific uses. Among the brand names being carried by the company in its inventory are Kerrick and Hotshot.

The company’s high pressure cleaners are ideal for use by janitorial services, which usually handle difficult floor cleaning situations. The company’s line of high pressure cleaners completes its set of cleaning equipment for commercial purposes.

NLE, a trusted distributor of commercial dishwasher, commercial washing machines and vacuum cleaners, also provides electrical contracting, maintenance and installation services.