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Eco-Friendly Laundry Products A Strategic Choice For Laundromats

There are so many products that are now described as being eco-friendly that these important words are being lost among all the advertising hype. For those of us who make a conscious decision to cause the least harm to the planet, it becomes a case of hoping that claims made about a product are actually genuine. Most consumers are not scientific specialists and rely on product labelling to guide us.

Going Eco-Friendly a Strategic Decision

Imagine, then, that you own several laundromats and you want to establish a point of difference from your competitors that makes you stand out from the crowd. Would promoting your business as using only eco-friendly products attract more customers and what type of products would they be?

What Type of Laundry Detergent?

Starting with laundry detergent, you would need to choose a brand that did not contain phosphates. While phosphates help soften the water they also end up in our waterways and cause excessive growth of blue green algae which damages the eco-system. Using only low phosphate laundry detergent is a great start to an eco-friendly laundromat.

How About Laundry Liquids?

If you decide to offer your customers both powder and liquid laundry detergent, the good news is that liquids have a reduced negative affect on the environment, so much so that they are favoured where water is recycled.

Other Eco-Friendly Laundry Products in Production

Other laundry products such as pre-wash soakers, water softeners, stain removers and specialty products like wool washers are nowadays all offered to the commercial laundry market as being eco-friendly. There are several companies in Australia and others overseas that specialise in this area which is a growing part of the cleaning market.

Check Eco-Credentials Carefully

The process of choosing the best brands for your laundry business should include examining how genuine the advertised eco-credentials are and ensuring that you are purchasing the real thing. This is essential for your credibility as a business owner, as customers who care about the environment and choose your laundromat over others are trusting your integrity.

This is just how we feel about our business here at NLE Commercial. We provide well-known and reliable brands of laundry equipment and we also offer our clients a 24-hour service including spare parts. Our clients rely on us to provide trained technicians for urgent repairs, so our integrity is essential to the success of our business.

We all want a world where exposure to harmful chemicals is kept at an absolute minimum and our waterways are clean and free of pollutants. Using eco-friendly laundry products is an important choice that can make a difference.