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Would You Trust Your Electrical Work To An Amateur?

With reality television still popular with viewers and programs that show do-it-yourself success stories among the most favoured, it is not surprising that our major hardware chains are doing great business. Weekend DIYers trawl the massive warehouse shelves for the latest product or fitting, and there is no shortage of YouTube video sharing to show amateurs how to do just about any part of a home renovation.

Professional Electricians Uphold High Standards

Only the foolish, however, would attempt to do their own electrical work. There is a reason for the electrical industry to have very high standards for accepting apprentices into training, and for the stringent set of safety standards that guide all electrical work. In Queensland, eligibility requirements are thoroughly checked before a person is granted any type of electrical work licence.

Electricity is a Good Servant in the Right Hands

Electricity is a willing servant but a cruel master. Your first mistake is usually your last, but still we keep having serious injuries and deaths when we forget how lethal this form of energy is. Even fully trained, licenced and experienced electrical workers can become complacent, so installing a new power point or moving a light fitting during a renovation is a job for a professional.

At NLE Commercial, we offer a complete electrical contracting, maintenance and installation service, complete with a 12-month guarantee on all of our work. Our professional electrical maintenance crew are all members of Master Electrician Australia and our commercial electrical service team are also members of this organisation, as well as Safety Connect.

Fire Risk Often Not Considered by DIYers

There is another issue that DIYers often don’t consider when they make a snap decision to perform a small electrical maintenance task and that is the risk of fire. An amateur repair to some worn wiring, for example, may seem quick and easy, but how does a quick fix like this affect the rest of the building wiring? There are many property fires that are caused by electrical faults, and often with tragic consequences.

Qualified Electricians Know What They Are Doing

Our professional electrical maintenance crew has the knowledge and skills to perform tasks such as the maintenance and servicing of commercial and industrial laundry equipment. We have also fully equipped them with the mobile capabilities to attend a client’s premises in an emergency breakdown situation. They also carry a wide range of spare parts.

The difference between the members of our trained and licenced team members and an amateur, even one with some electrical knowledge, is their years of practical experience and their commitment to safety. Their professional memberships mean that they receive the latest industry information. This does not come from a YouTube video.