Low Maintenance, High Return Makes Automated Laundries Attractive

Some people are content to work for an employer, preferring the security of a regular income to the responsibilities that come with running their own businesses. They are willing to exchange their time and skills for benefits such as employer funded superannuation, paid holiday and sick leave and, of course, security. They also enjoy interactions with work colleagues that form a significant part of their social networks.

Are you an Entrepreneur in the Making?

However, working for someone else does not suit everyone, and many of us are willing to give up these benefits to start our own businesses. This entrepreneurial streak runs deep and is the reason for the success of many large companies that are now household names. This success, however, can come at a personal cost, especially in the initial stages, when the owner shoulders the burden of every decision.

Automated Businesses Easy to Operate

This is why the so-called “set and forget” businesses have become so attractive. Any enterprise that can be automated is very attractive as it requires minimal attention once it is up and running. The automatic car wash is a typical example, as is the coin-operated laundry. We can attest to the popularity of the latter, because our company, NLE Commercial, supplies the washers and dryers for these businesses.

Think about it for just a few minutes. Naturally, having the capital to pay start-up costs is the first step, but after that, it is simply a matter of finding the right location, having the premises fitted out with a number of washers and dryers, and opening the doors to customers.

There is no large payroll to manage, no employees to be recruited apart from perhaps a cleaner to keep the premises tidy, no contracts to be negotiated and no worries about finding work to keep everyone employed. Once the first laundromat is established and making a healthy profit, most of our clients then go on to establish more of the same.

A Sharp Learning Curve and Help from Supplier

They tell us that setting up the first business is the most difficult, as they are learning everything from the beginning. We do our best to help them, providing as much information as we can about the washers and dryers, and generally providing the high quality after-sales service that we are known for.

Look for the Right Location

They also say that getting the right location is vital. It must be in an area where demand for a laundromat is strong, where there is parking close by and where the leasing terms and costs are reasonable. They choose NLE Commercial because our machines are reliable and down-time is minimal. If you have entrepreneurial desires, automated laundries could just be how you make your fortune.