Meiko Dishwashers Built for Reliability

In any restaurant, the dishwasher is one of the more important machines. Clean dishes are needed to provide top service to customers and if there are many customers coming in, the dishwashing machine has to be reliable. The dishwasher needs to be quick, efficient and durable enough to work long hours

NLE Commercial provides Meiko dishwashers, which are designed to meet the needs of a busy restaurant or hotel serving many guests. The company’s range of Meiko commercial includes the EcoStar models, the salad washing machine and the DV models. These effective washers provide special features that are not common to other commercial dishwashers in the market.


Meiko commercial dishwashers are created using innovative engineering and technology. The dishwashing machines are designed to address the requirements of the demanding restaurant and hospitality business. Each machine is built to make life in the kitchen more focused on cooking and less energy is spent on washing dishes.

These commercial dishwashers make use of stainless steel walls and an insulating material to minimise the noise in dishwashing operation. The wash and rinse areas are distinctly separated from each other to ensure that the dishes come out completely clean and sanitised.

Meiko dishwashers are built for high efficiency, thanks to the side-drive system that allows for unobstructed cleaning of every item that is put into the rack. The commercial dishwashers incorporate easy to use controls. With one touch of a button, the machine automatically takes care of the rest.

The EcoStar line of dishwashers provides powerful cleaning capabilities, electronic program selection with touch sensitive controls. These dishwashers can be programmed for self-cleaning after the actual dishwashing work. The hood EcoStar model includes a hood that opens up to the back so that the staff will not be subjected to emission. This product line also includes an indicator for the wash and rinse temperatures.

Meiko’s DV 80.2 and DV 120.2 models offer advanced dishwashing capabilities in a classical design. The models provide smooth and comfortable operation for different types of tableware, cutlery and utensils. They include easy cleaning internal walls, self-cleaning programs, automatic leak control and insulated double walls.

Greener Footprint

Meiko commercial dishwashers provide users with energy efficiency and a significantly greener footprint with low water and chemical requirements. The DV line, for instance, makes use of EWS Technology to ensure lowest water consumption in dishwashing machines.

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