Simple Solutions Make Stored Linen Smell Inviting

Despite the best efforts of even the most fastidious housekeeper, there will come a day when you open your linen cupboard full of fresh, clean towels, sheets et cetera. to find a musty smell wafting through the air. This is a common problem and is often caused by mould. Even though the linen is clean, the air in the space contains moisture and in the right conditions, this can allow mould spores to multiply.

Kill Dangerous Mould with a Bleach Solution

Mould is dangerous to health if left unchecked so remove the clean linen and wipe out the inside walls and shelving with bleach mixed with water. This will kill mould but you will need to leave the doors open for several hours to dry the shelves. Once the whole area is dry, return the clean linen to the shelves.

Baking Soda Soaks up Moisture

Unfortunately, in humid climates there is always moisture in the air so this will keep recurring unless you take further steps. One effective and inexpensive solution is to leave an opened container of baking soda in the back of the cupboard to dispel moisture.
Many of our clients operate commercial laundries and have the same problems as householders in keeping supplies of stored linen fresh and ready to use. At NLE Commercial we supply clients with washers and dryers, and also provide electrical services to keep their laundry equipment operating. Over the years, they have given us a few tips on linen storage, which we are happy to share.

Don’t Overstuff the Storage Space

They tell us that stored linen needs space for air to circulate to keep items smelling fresh. Packing too much into the space and over-stuffing the shelves prevents that gentle circulation so the cupboard develops a stale smell.

Store Clean Items Only

We also know that only clean items should be stored away. Sometimes we use an item, for example, a tablecloth, and when we clear the table it still looks clean. We decide to just fold it and put it back in the linen cupboard rather than wash it. However, it only needs a tiny stain or drop of moisture on the item to allow mould to grow and the musty smell to return.

Keep Linen Fresh without Buying Fancy Products

We can also pass on some ways to have linen smell fresh without using products containing expensive perfumes. An old trick used by our grandmothers is to store bath soaps among the clean linen. If you like scented candles, buy a few extra to keep on hand, and store them with the linen. The pleasant aromas will linger in the storage space and your linen will always smell inviting.