The Benefits of Commercial Washers

Those high capacity washing machines you see in community laundromats are commercial washers. These washers are large and resilient, qualities that are important because they are constantly being used and are thus susceptible to a lot of wear and tear. Another important feature of advanced commercial washers is the digital touch controls, which lets users choose wash settings easily and track the time of wash cycles.

What Commercial Washers Have and Others Don’t

Commercial washers are able to wash 20 to 80 pounds of clothing or linen. Between four and eight regular loads of laundry can fit in one commercial washer and be washed in a single cycle. Users also do not have to worry about heavy linen, such as blankets and draperies, being damaged if they use commercial washers.

Using commercial washers saves energy and water thanks to their ability to wash bigger loads in a single wash cycle. Newer commercial washers now consume 3.7 to 7.5 gallons per wash cycle per cubic feet. In comparison, older washers use 4.3 to 12.9 gallons per wash cycle per cubic feet.

Unlike conventional top load washers, most commercial washers have no machine agitator. The lack of a machine agitator allows for larger laundry capacity and permits clothes and linens to be washed evenly. Commercial washers are also gentle on fragile clothing and prevent entanglement or tearing of fabrics. Heavier items are also washed because they are not confined to the bottom of the machine, unlike in top load agitating washing machines.

The Best Source of Commercial Washers

Considering the advantages of having commercial washing, investing in them for your laundromat business is a sound decision. With a little research you will find the best source of commercial washers in the marketplace.

NLE Commercial Washers is a supplier of popular commercial and industrial laundry equipment including Girbau, Braun, ADC and Forenta. Products range from 25-pound front load washers to 41- pound pocket washers. Continuous Batch Washers for large-scale commercial needs, with matching dryers and ironers, are also available. Rounding up the range are trolleys, finishing equipment and accessories. The company also offers coin-operated and non-coin operated top loaders for the commercial market.

There is no need to go to another supplier or repair shop because NLE Commercial provides a 24-hour service for all laundry equipment brands, including spare parts. The company employs highly experienced technicians to make sure backup is available to customers at all times. Visit to know more about commercial washers.