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Trying To Choose New Laundry Equipment? Check This Out.

Operators of commercial and industrial laundries rely heavily on the efficiency and reliability of their equipment to keep up with their competitors and continue providing a vital service to their customers. They cannot afford frequent breakdowns, laundry loads going through a complete washing cycle and coming out still soiled, or dryers that use too much power or don’t produce a completely dry load.

Many Competing Brands in the Laundry Equipment Market

There are many brands of laundry equipment all juggling for a market share in a competitive business. They all make claims to be the biggest and best, cost the least to run and all have similar manufacturers’ guarantees. How is a laundry owner supposed to choose new equipment among all the confusing claims?

At NLE Commercial, we supply laundry equipment and provide service and spares for our own and all other brands. We have a 24-hour emergency callout service to assist our customers, so we are in an excellent position to talk about the brands that we know are stand-outs for reliability and quality.

ADC – American Dryer Corporation

ADC is one of those brands. Their laundry products are perfectly engineered, offering improved efficiency and performance. ADC has built an enviable reputation world-wide over fifty years as suppliers of coin-operated and on-premises laundry equipment. This includes large-capacity and quick production industrial dryers.

Energy Efficient, High Performance Machines

Their vended washers and dryers are designed to get customers in and out quickly to maximise revenue for coin-operated laundry owners. ADC machines have faster wash and dry cycles, which means they can handle a larger flow-through of customers than other brands. These energy-efficient, high performance machines offer larger earning potential than older, less advanced machines.

Large Range of Dryer Models to Suit All Purposes

We have installed their on-premises washers and dryers in hospitals, aged care facilities, hotels and other large volume establishments. The reliability of these machines is critical to the 24-hour performance necessary when demand is high, and with a variety of different dryer models available, no client has to settle for something that doesn’t quite suit.

Ergonomically Designed Dryers Reduce Worker Injuries

ADC’s ergonomically designed industrial dryers are designed to tilt forward for easy loading and unloading, reducing the likelihood of occupation overuse injuries to staff. Convenient front panel access to controls makes it easy to operate, while the wide range of standard features includes their patented microprocessor-controlled drying systems, which offers the highest operating efficiency.

Marketed in 90 Countries World-Wide

ADC is an industry-leading manufacturer of laundry equipment, marketing their products in 90 countries, including Australia. This is where we come in as a supplier and we have confidence in the quality and reliability of their products.