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What Do You Know About Laundry Equipment?

If you have never worked in or even visited a commercial laundry, and your perception of how they operate is limited to short scenes from movies or TV, you are not alone in having little understanding of this demanding environment. Few of us do, so it is not surprising that we also don’t know much about the type of equipment that modern bulk laundries use to produce a smooth, clean and sanitised product.

From Heat and Hard Work to Automation

Apart from the washers and dryers you would expect to see, other items have transformed the process of bulk washing and drying from one of heat and hard labour to an automated process where most of the work is done by machines. Finishing equipment, for example, is not just an extra-fancy large steam iron but also a complete range of specialised machines, and there are few companies that do these better than Forenta.

At NLE Commercial, we are very familiar with their finishing equipment as they are one of the laundry brands we supply and service. We stock spare parts and our team of qualified technicians are available for preventative maintenance and emergency breakdown twenty-four hours a day.

Still an Industry Leader after 50 Years

Forenta equipment is manufactured in the USA and marketed worldwide with the support of factory sales representatives who fully understand the commercial laundry industry. Their products are designed to be functional with safety and quality as the highest priorities. With 50 years of service to their customers and industry leading warranties, they are still designing and producing new products such as those below.

Forenta Apparel and Linen Press

Designed for finishing pants, napkins, tablecloths and household apparel, this machine has an insulated head cover and nickel-plated head that saves energy by reducing heat loss. The head is opened and closed by using the control bar.

Forenta Contoured Legger Dry Cleaning Press

The press features a new fabricated frame with simple mechanics. It can be used as both a steam and vacuum board for finishing sweaters and for hand ironing. The patented operating controls close with either hand and lock with the other.

Forenta Steam Air Finisher

This machine is designed to complete the cleaning process on jackets, coats, dresses and sweaters. The removable mesh over-bag allows delicates to be finished without being stretched, and there are adjustable timing programs for steam, air and a steam/air combination. Operators love the 360° rotating form, making the finishing of garments with large shoulders a breeze.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Customers Fully Supported

Forenta’s products meet the needs of both the dry cleaning and laundry industries, making them perfect for commercial laundries servicing hotels, cruise ships, hospitals, commercial dry-cleaning businesses and garment manufacturers. We are happy to support their products with our service guarantee to our clients.