What Is Quality And How Can It Be Identified?

As consumers, we all know what bad service feels like, but sometimes it is not as easy to quantify good service as it sounds. What does it really mean? Does it mean getting a product that does what was promised, getting a bargain, or being treated as someone who is important to that business and who deserves to feel satisfied?

How to Identify Good Service

We could ask that question of a dozen different people and receive a dozen different answers, but we usually know good service when we experience it because of the way it makes us feel. This is how we want our customers to feel when we finish their job. We want them to remember NLE Commercial as the company to contact for electrical maintenance work.

What are the Identifiers of Quality?

There are a number of reasons why we are confident in making such a claim. After many years working in our industry, we have identified several traits that are present in companies with a reputation for excellent service delivery.

A Quality Business is Professional

The first of these is professionalism, evidenced by membership of industry associations that require specific qualifications for admission. In our case, our electrical service team members belong to Master Electricians Australia and those in the group who do commercial work are also members of Safety Connect. These memberships keep our people up to date with changes to laws, rules and practices in the electrical industry.

The Customer is the Focus of the Enterprise

The second of these is a focus on customer service first and foremost. All industry quality standards place the customer at the centre of every interaction, as they are the reason for the continued existence of the business. We offer a range of services as a “one stop shop” giving our customers the convenience of making one contact, and the confidence that they are talking to experts.

Offer Services that Suit the Customer

The third attribute is the willingness to offer the customer a range of services outside normal working hours. Many businesses these days operate 24/7, and when a breakdown occurs in the middle of the night, they want someone who can respond quickly to get them up and running again. We offer an emergency break down service team of electrical technicians and after hours call out.

Back Your Skills with a Guarantee

There are other traits and attributes we could mention, but the final one we value is giving the customer a guarantee. Every business that gives a guarantee is telling the world that they are confident in the skills of their people. They don’t expect to be back fixing the work that has already been done. Just like those companies, we offer a 12 month guarantee on all work.

When you become one of our customers, you will truly experience reliability, quality work and excellent service.