What Is The Best Cleaning Option For Your Laundry Floors?

Do you operate a commercial laundry that provides access to laundry equipment for public use? Perhaps you are responsible for the cleanliness of a large industrial laundry complex and the safety of the staff. If so, you will have faced the housekeeping issues that are inevitable when there is a high traffic of people, and large quantities of soiled clothing and linen on the premises.

How to Choose Between Hot or Cold High-Pressure Cleaners

At some point, you will have looked around at the floor surfaces and possibly even the walls and noticed the build-up of dirt and grime. The premises are now looking dirty and in urgent need of an overall clean. Your plan is to use a high-pressure cleaner to restore cleanliness; however, should you use a cold or a hot water process?

As a supplier of commercial and industrial laundry equipment, we know how important it is for the operation of a successful business that these premises are kept clean and tidy. At NLE Commercial, we also offer a wide range of electrical contracting and installation services, so our technicians spend a lot of time in such premises.

Cold Water Equipment Popular with Householders

Householders use cold water cleaners for washing down external walls, pool surrounds and driveways. These cleaners are inexpensive, and because they use cold water and detergent, they are safe to operate, provided safety warnings are heeded. High pressure alone can cause injuries, even with cold water.

Don’t Rely on Cold Water to Get Rid of Oil and Grease

The main disadvantage of cold water cleaners is that they are not very effective at removing all stains, especially those caused by oil and grease. This means that some areas must be continually cleaned with more expensive, high quality detergent to remove set-in stains, and in some cases, these stubborn stains just don’t respond.

Hot Water under Pressure – Fast and Effective

Hot water pressure cleaners, however, are far more efficient. The combination of hot water and detergent under pressure cuts through grease and oil, removing the most set-in grime and stains. In fact, only hot water pressure cleaners have the power to clean out every patch of oil and grease.

This makes them the most effective and efficient option for industrial and commercial situations. Large jobs like these would take much longer with cold water equipment, incurring extra expense in the cost of the work and the disruption to the running of the business.

Leave it to Professionals for Safety Reasons

There are safety issues, however, if hot water pressure cleaners are being operated by inexperienced people. Water temperature in these machines reaches 155°C and combined with the extreme water pressure, the risk of injury or even death when not operated with care is high. If your commercial or industrial laundry needs cleaning, we recommend you hire a professional.