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What You Should Know Before Buying A New Laundry Washer

Owning a laundromat can be very lucrative in the right location, and as most of it is automated, it does not require constant supervision, offering more free time than most businesses. As long as the machines keep operating efficiently, the customers will be happy and will keep coming back to use the facilities. Avoiding breakdowns, therefore, is critical to financial success.

Choosing the Right Washer is Not Easy

Getting the right type of laundry washer is vital in these circumstances, and with so many on the market to choose from, deciding is not easy. It involves things such as cost, getting the features the customers expect, whether the machine will suit the size of the premises, after-sales service and the response times in the event of a breakdown.

At NLE Commercialwe sell and service the top brands of laundry equipment for commercial and industrial laundries. Girbau, Forenta and Braun washers, dryers and other equipment are popular choices made by our clients. They also rely on our team of skilled technicians for maintenance and spare parts, knowing that we offer a 24 hour-7 day a week service.

What Does the Average Customer Want?

Girbau, for example, offer a laundry washer for coin-operated laundromats that is easy for customers to use, with a large loading door and simple programming for those of us who are confused by too many options. This washer is strong and durable, and offers savings in water, energy and consumables. It requires minimal maintenance and it is easy to install.

Getting the Size Right

The laundry washers we supply range in size from 25lb to 4210lb capacity, with some being top loaders and others front loaders, in both coin operated and non-coin operated models. The key consideration here is size, and of course, the largest of these up to the 4210lb model, would not be appropriate for the average suburban laundromat, and is more suited to an industrial application.

Product Quality is Everything

The reputation of the manufacturer should be a major consideration, with companies such as Girbau and others having internationally recognised quality accreditation on their manufacturing processes. The end result is what matters to the customer, so choosing a laundry washer on price alone, without any quality recognition, could damage a business if the finished laundry was not completely clean.

Check the Warranty

Any laundry washer purchased for a laundromat should have a robust warranty but checking the terms is often neglected in the rush to get a new machine onto the premises. A warranty is useless if the company that offers it is no longer in business. This is why it is important to deal with a reputable company such as NLE Commercial when choosing your new machine.