Why Choose a Commercial Dry Pick Up Vacuum Cleaner

Human health can be compromised when a household vacuum cleaner is chosen and used for a commercial or industrial facility. There are many reasons why household vacuum cleaners should not be used in commercial or industrial environments.


Commercial vacuum cleaners are recommended for businesses and facilities that are subjected to heavy use and human traffic. HEPA air filters are called for when dealing with areas that require strict sanitation to protect human health. These businesses and facilities include restaurants and food preparation facilities, hospital and medical care facilities, nursing homes, schools and nurseries, hotels and motels, as well as janitorial and commercial cleaning businesses.

Hospitals and nursing homes require commercial vacuum cleaners fitted with HEPA filters to keep the air in the building free from contaminants that can put people’s health in danger. These filters are also important for clearing the air in industrial facilities that make use of toxic chemicals in their operations.

Cleaning Efficiency

Commercial dry pick up vacuum machines are favoured for commercial and industrial applications as they are built for heavy-duty use and better cleaning efficiency. In the case of vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, for instance, it can actually be dangerous to entrust commercial and industrial cleaning to domestic vacuum machines.

Household vacuum cleaners will not be able to deal with contaminants and toxic particles that need to be sucked out completely. Their filters are not tightly sealed as those of commercial vacuum machines so particulates and contaminates get pushed out of the machine. Household vacuum cleaners also use a smaller hose that can easily get clogged with the massive dirt and particulates usually found in commercial or industrial buildings.

Commercial vacuum machines are specifically built to be sturdy and powerful enough to perform heavy-duty work. Commercial vacuum cleaners can be trusted to be tightly sealed so no contaminants escape back into the air. The higher end vacuum cleaners are fitted with HEPA filters that can suck in bigger-sized particulates and contaminants. The hose of a commercial vacuum machine is also larger than conventional machines so they do not get clogged during the cleaning operation.

When working in environments exposed to hazardous contaminants, only a commercial vacuum cleaner will suffice. These contaminants need to be contained securely to make the area safe for people to use. Only commercial vacuum cleaners can deal with harsh industrial and sensitive environments. They are designed and built for a heavy-duty purpose that conventional vacuum cleaners are not equipped to handle.